Christian Aid

Outreach at Portobello and Joppa Parish Church has always involved supporting Christian Aid.

Every year a large team of volunteers to out into the Parish and do the annual door to door collection.  This year the amount collected reached over £2000.00!  As well as well as the door to door collection, we also organise a number of fund-raising events throughout the year, such as quiz nights, soup and bread lunches and concerts put on by groups like Octave.

In 2014, the Scottish Government are looking at a Community Partnership with Christian Aid, where a commitment is made to raise £5,000 over 3 year period for a specific project such as maternity services in Kenya or transforming women’s live in Afghanistan by education.  The EU will then match this fund by at least 3 times.  The Outreach Group are therefore looking towards the churches in Portobello and Joppa working together for Christian Aid and together it should be possible to reach this amount.

If you would like to be involved with our fund-raising for Christian Aid or any of our other outreach projects please email