Music Co-ordinator – Fiona Carlile

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I have been the music co-ordinator at the church for 15 years, having graduated with a B. Mus.(hons) in 1986. More recently I gained a Diploma in Sacred Music Studies from the Royal School of Church Music and Bangor University.

My favourite music group at the church is the congregation; I love hearing them sing. One visitor remarked that they ‘sing like angels’ and they also drew favourable comments from my course tutor. They learn new songs amazingly quickly (they also forget them amazingly quickly but we’ll not dwell on that……!).

We are lucky to have regular music groups with reliable volunteers and also to have support of many skilled individuals. And whenever a rhythm section is required, the children of the church are happy to join our usual percussionists with anything from tambourines and drums to kazoos and boomwhackers.

We all work together to create a variety of music that is not only an integral part of our worship
services but also simply for our enjoyment.