Sunday Stars

Our Sunday morning children’s ministry is called Sunday Stars and it runs during the school term.  Each Sunday of school term, the children are welcomed into church with their families.  Mid-way through the service, the minister has a talk time with the children and then the time in the halls begins.  The children gather as the Moonbeams (Primary Start), Constellations (P1-P2) and Supernovas (P3-P7) in the main hall and session room for storytelling, music, games and craft.  The time together is informal and fun and it is an opportunity for the children to get to know each other and the many volunteers who help with this ministry.  It is an extension of their church family and worship.

We named our ministry Sunday Stars by taking inspiration from Jerome W. Berryman’s Godly Play telling of the story of Abraham and Sarah as we are all part of the great family which is, “As many as there are stars in the sky or grains of sand in the desert.”  Our children are stars shining bright in St Philips and all around our church community.  We are helping the children to grow closer to God by helping them to learn about their church family and our faith traditions through bible stories and activities.  We are helping the children to see how they are part of this great family and how they are a star, just as they are and truly loved by God!

If you would like more information about Sunday Stars, you can find children’s ministry volunteers in church wearing blue lanyard name tags or you can email Michelle at

Moonbeams and Constellations

Children aged 3-5 years old are welcome to take part in Moonbeams while children in P1 and P2 take part in Constellations.  The children begin in worship with their parents.  After the talking together time with the Minister, they leave to meet together in the Session Room for storytelling, singing, craft or games along with prayer.  The two groups stay together for the activities on most Sundays, but sometimes they divide into the two groups for more age appropriate activities.  Our Session room has a room dividing curtain for such Sundays.


Supernovas is for children in P3-P7 and meets in the Main Hall.  The children either sit with their families or with the supernovas leaders for the start of worship until the talking together time with the Minister.  After that they go to the main hall for their activities which might include music, baking, craft, hearing a story, hearing from a guest speaker or playing games.